If you are an author looking to make money off your writing online, you have probably heard of Patreon. It is a membership platform where patrons pledge money to support creators like writers, artists, musicians, and more. Many authors use it to supplement their income—some, like N.K. Jemisin, pulling in $4,000 a month.


Unfortunately, Patreon is a notoriously rough place for writers who don’t already have a dedicated following. The site also takes 5% of your earnings, and transaction fees average another 5% on top of that. And that’s just if you opt for the Lite subscription plan, which lacks membership tiers. For that, you’ll have to choose the Pro plan, which takes 8% of your earnings plus processing fees. The Premium plan takes a whopping 12% plus processing fees.


You’ll be glad to know that here at Fictionate.Me we have a new subscription feature. Unlike Patreon, our site already has a community of readers thirsty for more reading material. Like Patreon, Fictionate.Me charges a 5% cut of your royalties plus processing fees, but you don’t have to pay any extra for special features like membership tiers.


Read on for more information about this new feature for writers, perks you can offer your supporters, benefits of the service, and tips for success.



How It Works


Fictionate.Me’s subscription service is available to readers on a per-month basis. As part of the subscription you offer, readers will get access to your book(s). You can set up subscription tiers that will determine what readers get. A $0.99 subscription will likely just be for access to your book, while higher amounts per month would include whatever perks you wish to offer, which we’ll discuss more in the next section.


A subscription option will give readers a continuous way to support your work and will help to create a community around your writing. 



Perks for Your Supporters


In addition to access to your book, you can offer additional perks to your higher-paying supporters. These are little rewards your readers will have exclusive access to in exchange for paying more per month. These perks can be whatever you want—here are some suggestions for potential perks:








These are just some of the perks you can offer your higher-paying supporters. Put some thought into what you think your readers will most enjoy and work to make their subscription fees worth it each month.





There are a ton of benefits to using Fictionate’s new subscription feature. Here are a few of them:













Tips for Success


Now that you know how our subscription service works, potential perks you can offer, and the benefits of using the service, here are some tips to help you achieve success:






I hope you enjoyed this guide to Fictionate’s new subscription feature. If you want a subscription service for writers that will get you more readers and profits than Patreon, offering your own subscription service is an easy process. Click here for a helpful article on precisely how to use this new feature.


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